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Minesweeper VS Sudoku

So, as we have already mentioned earlier, many people think that Minesweeper is very similar to Sudoku, but is it really true? Speaking of both Sudoku and Minesweeper, it is important to say that these games are both well-known ways of entertainment that can be played on different devices online.

Usually, if you play Sudoku, you need to solve a puzzle by guessing the numbers and aligning them with a horizontal line. If you are a fan of Minesweeper, you know exactly how to play this game. First of all, your main goal is to find 15 bombs in the grid. Players can also choose modes, including easy or hard modes. If you tap a bomb by accident, it means that game is over. We would also like to consider some of the pros and cons of Minesweeper.


  • The game is easy to play
  • Ability to play online from a variety of devices
  • Improving thinking and logic skills
  • Absolutely free


  • Limited by screen size

Get ready to have a lot of fun with Minesweeper. This game is suitable for both adults and children. Moreover, if you are playing the game for the first time, do not be afraid. You will definitely not have any problems during the gameplay. In addition, this game is very fun and interesting. Try to guess where the bomb may be hidden. Train your brain every day and play straight from the phone. Set new records and surprise other players.

How To Win in Minesweeper?

This game can be called a puzzle because finding mines is not an easy task. You need to have well-developed logic. Also, you can always use the hints to find them. To win Minesweeper, a player must explore all non-mined cells. Then start a new game. Immerse yourself in the interesting world of games.